For “The Last 5 Years”:

“…Katie Reid as Cathy (has a) superbly strong voice that can handle the difficult music…(Brown actually called the task “Olympian.”) …(she) manages with ease the highs and the lows of the relationship…while she maneuvers easily among the various musical styles of pop, jazz, folk, rock and even Klezmer…Egan and Reid’s ability to sustain the music in this show is a tribute to their exceptional talent.”

-Times Herald-Record, NY

Katie Reid (center) plays U.S. Navy nurse Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific," the classic Rodgers & Hammerstein musical touring nationally. Based on the 2008 Tony Award-winning Lincoln Center Theater production, it plays Jan. 3-8 at Capitol Theatre. Credit: Peter Coombs

For “South Pacific”:

“There comes a moment late in the second act of South Pacific when Nellie Forbush (played by the luminous Katie Reid)… completes her heartrending plea for [Emile’s] safe return with a lovely reprise, however brief, of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s stunning “Some Enchanted Evening.” It’s during that moment when the sheer emotional power and transformative notion… provides a beautifully transcendent experience to everyone in the audience and which exemplifies everything that musical theater has always been and always will be

Reid… brings her own vibrant personality and lovely voice to the iconic role of Nellie Forbush, enlivening her performance with grace and wit, articulately taking her audience along on Nellie’s journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Her performance of “Cockeyed Optimist”… is brightly hued and beautifully sung, her exuberant “A Wonderful Guy” a memorable take on that classic and her “Honey Bun” is winningly performed.

-Jeffrey Ellis, Broadway World Nashville

“Katie Reid lights up the stage with a perky and lovable performance as Nellie Forbush. Her bright, beautiful voice is made for these Rogers and Hammerstein songs…Reid also captures well the small-town girl dropped into the middle of an exotic new world, discovering new ways and new love. Even when the uglier side of her character is revealed, the audience sticks with her, knowing that is’s her own fear of the unknown and her prejudice can be overcome.”

– Theodore P. Mahne,

“With golden good looks, Katie Reid is near-perfection dynamite as cock-eyed optimist Ensign “Knucklehead Nellie” Forbush. She sings beautifully and has a reserved tenderness that only occasionally breaks into an exuberant joy.”

– Blaire Howell, Salt Lake City Desert News

“Katie Reid exudes girl-next-door charm as Nellie, the self-proclaimed “hick” from Arkansas, and her singing is impeccable but unassuming, making “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” an irresistible delight.”

-Kerry Lengel,

“Her exultation in the delightful “Wonderful Guy” number comes as more than just habitual sunniness, making her heartbreak in Act II all the more affecting…and while the play’s once daring treatment of racial themes now seems like baby steps, she manages to make the word “colored” register as the slap in the face it should be.”

-Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene